Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Catholic Church is a welcoming parish that fulfills Christ's God-given mission through worship, evangelization, and genuine love for others.

Mass & Confession Times

Sunday Mass Times        Confession
Saturday: 4 PM                   Saturday: 12:30 to 2 PM

Sunday: 7 AM                     Monday 5:00 -5:45 PM                                                                                               
Sunday: 10 PM, 5PM


Weekday Mass Times     Office Hours
Monday: 6:30 AM               Mon-Frid 7:00 AM -3:00 PM 
Tuesday: 6 PM                   
Wednesday: 6:30 AM              
Thursday: 12 PM
Friday: 12 PM



1st Sunday of Lent 2/18/24 Vigil Mass

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Reading and Music for February 25,2024










Prayers and Responses at Mass





Sophia Award

  • Congratulations to Mary Margaret Brown on receiving the Sophia Award. The award was presented by Bishop Medley on Sunday Sept. 10


75th Anniversary

If you know someone who has left the Church or does not believe in God, share this 25 minute YouTube video with them. Then, contact us so that we can reach out to them.

The Office of Worship has created a resource for prayer at home during the Coronavirus outbreak called the Diocese of Owensboro Prayer CompanionClick here for that website information.

For Bishop Medley's statement on racism and civil unrest, please click here for that website information.