Bible Study

 Matthew 4:4 “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” 


The study of God’s word is very important to us.  As Catholics we should never be afraid to read and study any book of the Bible, for it was the Catholic Church who compiled the very canon of Scripture, and only the Catholic Church can claim continuity of faith with the very same followers of God who wrote the books of the Bible.  You are also welcome to be a part of one of our Scripture studies. For more information, please contact Deacon Brett Mills.  

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?  Are you an intentional disciple of Jesus Christ?  Is the Bible relevant in our lives today?  Reading the Bible and spending time with Jesus is a great way to develop that relationship.  What is the Catechism of the Catholic Church?  If you have questions about your Catholic faith, then show up and ask them.  

This weekly, open group will meet from 6 to 7 PM on Wednesdays, with an opportunity for adults and teenagers (with their parent/ guardian) to ask questions about their Catholic faith.  We won't go into personal stories, but will start with the Gospel readings for the upcoming week and/or discuss topics on marriage, abortion, immigration, and anything else.  We will meet in the St. John Bosco room inside the Parish Hall.  All you need is your Bible and a Catechism of the Catholic Church, and we will run this program indefinitely.  If you don't have a Bible/ Catechism, then we have one you can borrow. 

Schedule for 2020:

Wednesday, August 19 - Matthew 16:13-20, CCC 1969 (ex Cathedra)
Wednesday, August 26 - Matthew 16:21-27, CCC 554 (suffering)

Wednesday, September 2 - Matthew 18:15-20, CCC 2472 (indulgence)
Wednesday, September 9 - Matthew 18:21-35, CCC 2843 (forgiveness) 
Wednesday, September 16 - Matthew 20:1-16, CCC 572 (fairness)
Wednesday, September 23 - Matthew 21:28-32, CCC 546 (4th commandment)
Wednesday, September 30 - Matthew 21:33-43, CCC 755 (cornerstone)

Wednesday, October 7 - No Session (Fall Break)
Wednesday, October 14 - Matthew 22:15-21, CCC 2242 (pay taxes/ iconoclasm)
Wednesday, October 21 - Matthew 22:34-40, CCC 581 (pride)
Wednesday, October 28 - No Session (Tri-Parish Mission)

Wednesday, November 4 - Matthew 23:1-13, CCC 526 (Jesus question & relationship)
Wednesday, November 11 - Matthew 25:14-30, CCC 1936 (wealth)
Wednesday, November 18 - Matthew 25:31-46, CCC 1033 (salvation & works)
Wednesday, November 25 - No Session (Thanksgiving)

Wednesday, December 2 - Mark 1:1-8, CCC 515 (Advent)
Wednesday, December 9 - John 1:6-8;19-28, CCC 717 (preparation)
Wednesday, December 16 - Luke 1:26-38, CCC 488 (kecharitomene) 
Wednesday, December 23 - No Session (Christmas)
Wednesday, December 30 - No Session (New Year's)

Past Studies

Feel free contact the office to check out some of our past study materials and videos: