“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God” (Eph 2:8).

As the Baltimore Catechism tells us, a sacrament is “an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace.” There are seven: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation (or “Penance”), Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. Each one, in its own way, is critical to our spiritual lives as Catholics.

To learn more about the meaning and purpose of the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church, see the section on the Sacraments in the Links page. For information about preparing to receive these sacraments at Blessed Mother, contact the parish office.


  • In order for parents to have their child baptized, they must first be “suitably instructed on the meaning of this sacrament and the obligations attaching to it” (Canon Law, no. 851.2). As such, there is one, 50-60 min. baptism class that parents must attend.
  • We also prefer, per Can. 857.2, that the parents be registered in the parish.
  • Before he performs the baptism, our pastor may also ask to see you attending Mass on a regular basis. This is so that he can establish, per Can. 868.2, a “well-founded hope that the child will be brought up in the catholic religion.”
  • Contact Norm Hayden to set up an appointment for the class. After you take the class, you can contact Fr. Mike or Fr. Emmanuel to schedule a date for the Baptism.
  • An individual cannot receive the other sacraments of the Church until he or she is baptized.


  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available every Saturday from 12:30 – 2:00 PM, or any time by appointment.
  • If you are conscious of having committed any mortal sin, then you must receive this sacrament before you can receive the Eucharist at Mass (cf. Can. 916).
  • First Reconciliation for the second graders will be celebrated on Sunday, February 11, 2018, from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM here at Blessed Mother.
  • For more information about First Reconciliation, please contact Norm Hayden.
  • You may also wish to download the First Reconciliation Handbook.
Parent Info Packet:  1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png

Holy Communion

  • See the Home page for Mass times.
  • The Holy Eucharist can only be received by full members of the Catholic Church. If you are not Catholic, we request that you please refrain from receiving the Eucharist at Mass. You are, however, welcome to come forward with your arms crossed over your chest and receive a blessing.
  • First Communion for the second graders will be celebrated on Sunday, April 29, 2018 during a special Mass at 2:00 PM.
  • For more information about First Holy Communion, please contact Norm Hayden.
  • You may also wish to download the First Communion Handbook and Activity Book for 2017:
Parent Info Packet:


  • According to Canon Law, in order for a baptized person to lawfully receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, he “must be suitably instructed, properly disposed and able to renew the baptismal promises” (Can. 889). Furthermore, “Parents and pastors of souls, especially parish priests, are to see that the faithful are properly instructed to receive the sacrament” (Can. 890). This means that the preparation for the Sacrament provided by our Director of Youth Ministry is very important.
  • Candidates for Confirmation, parents, and sponsors must attend as many of the meetings, Mini-Retreats, and service days as apply to them.
  • Sun, March 25: Mini-RETREAT 11:30 AM -3:30 PM in the Parish Hall

    Mon, April 16: PRACTICE @ 6:00pm in Church

    Confirmation for the eighth graders will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, at 6:30 PM Mass here at Blessed Mother. A reception will follow in the Parish Hall.

  • For more information, contact Christina Barnard.

Holy Matrimony

  • Arrangements must be made six months in advance of the ceremony.
  • For more information, contact Fr. Mike or Fr. Emmanuel.

Holy Orders

  • If you are interested in becoming a priest or simply curious about the priesthood, we encourage you to visit, the website of the Vocations Office of the Diocese of Owensboro.
  • You may also wish to speak with Fr. Mike or Fr. Emmanuel.

Anointing of the Sick

  • In order to meet the spiritual needs of our sick, please contact Fr. Mike or Fr. Emmanuel