Staff Member: Fr. Jamie Dennis

Fr. Jamie Dennis

Parochial Vicar
Phone: 270-683-8444 ext 22
Email: Click Here to Email

I am a train lover, lover of dinosaurs, a lover of geology with an emphasis on volcanoes and just a love of the outdoors and the ocean. My spirituality is very diverse, I love the old Latin mass, as well as the Byzantine tradition. I especially love to teach people how to pray the official prayer of the church, the liturgy of the hours. I love to meet people where they are and help them pray as they are called. I am very open to discussing my disability. As a priest who happens to be blind, I may be the only blind person or the first blind person someone ever meets, therefore I figure the more open I am, the better I can represent blind people and bridge the gap to help a mutual understanding. I have lived on the same farm in Caneyville my whole life and I still go there for my day off, where I live and my caboose.

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