Forms and Handbooks

 “Though I have much to write to you, I would rather not use paper and ink” (2 Jn 1:12).

For your convenience, all of the forms that are provided elsewhere on this site, as well as other forms that you may need, are provided below in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format.

Also, please note the following:

  • We don't have permission to share the activity books on our website, but click the link to request one via email and we will send it to you.
  • The First Communion Parent Info Packet is too large to upload as a Word document, but the PDF version is available.
  • If an icon is gray, that means the document is not available.
  • If you are unable to print the documents from your home, please contact Norm Hayden for them to be printed and available at the office.

Religious Education

Religious Ed Handbook ’16-’17: 8gc7t48qlxt7uoudgpacazisv4l.png 1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png
Religious Ed Registration Form: 8gc7t48qlxt7uoudgpacazisv4l.png 1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png
Religious Ed Safe Environment Training Form: 8gc7t48qlxt7uoudgpacazisv4l.png 1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png
Youth Code of Conduct Forms:  
Grades K-3: 8gc7t48qlxt7uoudgpacazisv4l.png 1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png
 Grades 4-6: 8gc7t48qlxt7uoudgpacazisv4l.png 1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png
 Grades 7-8: 8gc7t48qlxt7uoudgpacazisv4l.png 1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png
RCIA Calendar ’16-’17: 8gc7t48qlxt7uoudgpacazisv4l.png 1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png
First Reconciliation Handbook ’16-’17:  
 Parent Info Packet: 8gc7t48qlxt7uoudgpacazisv4l.png 1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png
 Activity Book: Request via email
First Communion Handbook 2017:  
 Parent Info Packet: 9x5kyu2sov32s1jmuo5suopt67l.jpg
 Activity Book: Request via email
Vacation Bible School Registration Form: 8gc7t48qlxt7uoudgpacazisv4l.png 1j3k4zzgl707ngbx1zsz0x3dzal.png

You can also pick up these documents in the Parish Office.

Safe Environment

Besides the Safe Environment forms provided above, you may also be interested in the following forms regarding Safe Environment policies and reporting. Click on each link to download the form from the diocesan website.

There are also the following documents from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

For more information about how the Owensboro diocese is ensuring the safety of our children, see the “Safe Environment” page from the diocesan website.